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Human Library is a vast term, and a good analogy that serves beyond books, first started in Copenhagen and a popular platform to share prejudiced thoughts and behaviors. Introducing Human Library in TVC aims to enhance people thought patterns and make students learn from people experiences.


Technova represents a variety of perspectives collected to express technical and non-technical views, which engages students and listeners with knowledge-based inferences. Technova is a proud milepost in TVC where speakers like Padmashri Chintakindi Mallesham, Dr Kumar Eswaran, Dr S. Harsha shared their opinions and impacted listeners and their understandings.


Techvision, in collaboration with AWS, hosted a workshop in RIGOLADE-2020, which detailed essential and most popular AWS services and their efficient architecture. This workshop helped students get their foot in the door and guided them to the upcoming technology and the importance of upgrading and understanding the changes in the technological world.


It is one of the most anticipated fests of the year conducted in collaboration with the arts club, a well-known club for its cultural and creative domains. It gives numerous opportunities for students to showcase their talents ranging from technical to cultural aspects. The cultural night is the most awaited night of the event.

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Competitive Analysis and problem-solving are widely recognized in any industry. These abilities play a vital role in the developer’s life, and Techvision provides a quiz platform to aspiring young developers to build these abilities with various quiz formats in programming languages. The understanding behind python programming language selection is that, it is flexible, robust, and easy to learn.

“Let’s get our hands dirty”

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iSchholConnect is a tech company that assists students with informative sessions about foreign education and life abroad. Techvision, in collaboration with iSchoolConnect introduced a webinar that helps aspiring students to get an opportunity to make it to foreign universities. This engages students to know more about world-class universities and their academic trends.